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Project highlights from two continents:


  • Austria: Crisis management for one of the largest banking groups.
  • Austria, Switzerland, Germany: Innovative e-learning solution.
  • Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia: Advised boards of the largest banks during transition to the market economy.
  • France and Germany: Post acquisition integration in different industries.
  • Germany: IT Strategy development and implementation.
  • Luxembourg: Process improvements for securities transactions.


  • Mauritius: Serving on the board of a consumer finance business.
  • Nigeria: Cyber risk oversight programme for directors of financial institutions in Nigeria.
  • South Africa: Communication and training for an audience of 3,500 in collaboration with a Chinese technology partner.
  • Tanzania and Uganda: Project reviews ensuring the success of information technology in emerging countries.

Does turning ideas into action take too long? The smooth collaboration between your Business and Technology teams is crucial for an agile organisation. But often they seem to speak different languages and to operate on different time lines. We help your Business and Technology teams joining forces. The challenge is best addressed at multiple levels of your organisation:

You get what you measure! Are you surprised to see this statement applied to change management? Recent research clearly indicates, that many change initiatives fail, even though all the soft factors, like motivation and leadership have been aligned. With a clear picture of where progress is lacking, management attention can be targeted to bring the change initiative back on track.

Engage with us for:

  • A workshop on measurement, rewards and reporting as you embark on a change program. We suggest doing this in the early stages of your change program.
  • Developing a Roadmap to Business Readiness to understand the consequences of your change initiative for productivity and operational risk. Use this roadmap to turn hindsight into foresight: Anticipate the challenges of rolling out your change initiative.
  • Coaching for your program management during design and execution of business readiness programs.

We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve change. When setting up a change program, we always keep the focus on the expected value for the organization. Our approach is very hands-on and often accompanied by measuring the change progress. This makes the change viable and the journey towards reaching your goals fun.

We speak business and understand technology, deploying our outstanding communication skills to achieve optimal results for both. All our experts work comfortably with the top management, building confidence and commitment to change.

About the founder of Acoyvis:

Susanne’s career includes top management roles (CxO, VP) and consulting assignments for several Fortune Global 500 companies. A detailed profile is available here: Susanne’s Profile.

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